Tall Ryukyu Glass made from recycled glass - by Sakae Matsumoto

Tall Ryukyu Glass made from recycled glass - by Sakae Matsumoto

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Sakae Matsumoto - Saisei (recycled) Glass Koubou Teto-Teto

Sakae Matsumoto is a talented creator of Ryukyu Glass, who sought training from glassmakers all over the island. With that experience, he went back to his home town of Uruma city, Okinawa - where he began his own glassmaking studio (2011).

His desire is for each of his handmade products to be the “goto” items for enjoying beverages in the comfort of the home. 

His glass creations have also been featured in the most prestigious art collection in Okinawa in 2020 - Oki Ten.

The Okinawa Touch

After WWII, many glassmakers used the glass from bottles thrown away by U.S. military members, which provided the unique shape and color of the modern Ryukyu style glasses. In keeping with this history, Sakae san uses recycled glass to create his products. 

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Tall clear glass with cloudy bottom. This glass resembles the clear Okinawa sky with its big fluffy clouds.


Diameter ×Height(cm/Inches)

7.5×14.0 cm / 3 x 5.5 inches


Recycled glass

***Hand wash only***


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