Japan Map Sticker
Japan Map Sticker
Japan Map Sticker

Japan Map Sticker

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This is a map of Japan made up of the name of all 47 prefectures. On the land of the world's 3rd largest economy, cooperations make life more convenient with consistent looking products that have the consistent quality from coast to coast. You can eat a bowl of ramen in Hokkaido in the morning, and then one bullet train ride away, you can eat the same ramen in Tokyo in the afternoon. Along the way of the streamlined modern conveniences, each prefecture in Japan offers something unique to the extreme. From food to local festivals, you can buy the same taste and the same experience elsewhere.

We hope that this sticker will remind you that there is so much more to explore and try out there, and that life is lovely as long as we stay curious. The red color on the map is the same as the red circle on the Japanese flag, and the orange represents the significant behind the name Japan - The Nation of the Rising Sun.

The inspiration for this design comes from the Okinawa Story Map, our signature design. You can order the Okinawa Story Map sticker on this page. You can also find this design on T-shirt

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  • Size: 150 mm x 75mm
  • Made in Japan with UV proof, waterproof, heatproof material
  • Use outdoor or indoor